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New Transporter T5 kit

AirRide has for the past 6 years had air suspension kits available for the Volkswagen T5 Transporter. This popular van does however require a number of different air suspension solutions. some clients want lowrider custom vans (we have kits for that). Others want load support for commercial vans carrying cargo (we have kits for that), some want wheel chair access vehicles requiring low vehicles with a soft ride (we have kits for that), and others still require heavy duty support and stability control for heavy duty high motorhomes ( we have kits for that too). The latest twin bag rear end kit (4 total) is perfect for large T5 based motorhomes.

We don’d make just one kit for the T5 – there are so many differing requirements that a single kit would not satisfy everyone’s requirements. We actually have 4 different rear end solutions and two front end solutions, for a possible combination of 8 different bag/bracket kits. There are also a huge range of controller options, tank options and compressor options. Clients really are able to have exactly the kit they want and need for their T5. We also offer T4 kits in many options.

We supply our kits worldwide and in any combination you need to meet your requirements. Please call or email for more info.



Nissan NV200

The Designers at AirRide have been very busy this summer with a whole host of new kits having been developed including not one but two for the Nissan NV200 van.
The Nissan has been approved for Taxi service in New York and London so expect to see many of these vehicles on the road soon.

Two kits are available. A basic load support kit ideal for motorhome conversions with massively increased weight (left) and a Limo kit with smoother ride and the ability to lift for additional loads, or towing (above). The load support kit works in addition to the rear leaf springs and the Limo kit replaces the suspension with airbags. More details on the relevant page in the Van and motorhome section or by clicking here.

Ease of Fitment

We supply kits for all manner of vehicles from Motor homes, to cars, vans and motorcycles. We supply parts and kits all over the world and people often ask us how difficult it is to fit? There are different kits for different application and the work involved to fit them varies dramatically.

Motor Home and van kits tend to be load support “assistance” kits. Usually no suspension is removed and the kit works in addition to the existing suspension. These kits are usually less than half a day and pretty straight forward to fit. The brackets tend to bolt in place of the bump stop, everything is usually spanners and sockets and usually no holes to drill (T5 is different). This is very simple and well within the ability of the average diy mechanic (provided you are safe about working under the vehicle).

Car kits intended to run as low rider type vehicles are a little more complex. Here the suspension replaces the front front and rear for a low stance. If you are able to remove, rebuild and refit a front strut safely and the same with the rear springs and dampers (shocks) then you can probably deal with the mechanical side of things. If you can fit and wire an amp you can probably deal with the electrical wiring and plumbing for the install. It takes a little time but in general none of the tasks are terribly difficult so long as you don’t rush.

Speed of Kits.

We often get asked about the speed of operation of the full kits we supply for cars and small vans. The speed does depend upon the weight of the vehicle and also the pressure of the compressor and tank. The following is a rough indication.

We have 3 speeds of operation – FAST (1-2 seconds) MEDIUM (3-5 seconds) and SLOW (15 seconds or so). All times rough and all times are full four corner full lift (from fully down to fully up), although this is not something you often do in practice very often.

Fast and Medium kits use solenoids (1/2 inch with 1/2 inch hose for fast and 3/8 with 3/8 hose for medium). All our kits comes with a 200psi compressor and 200 psi aluminium tank as standard. This gives 33% extra energy over traditional and rust prone steel tanks offered elsewhere which are usually only rated at 150psi. Medium and Fast kits are not rated as safe to adjust whilst driving – you should stop to adjust. Slow kits do not use solenoids but are rated as safe to adjust whilst driving. It is acceptable and possible to fit tandem controllers (fast for shows/cruises/playtime and slow for everyday driving).

We can supply kits for any vehicle. If you do not see you car listed then please email and ask.

We do not usually stock full suspension kits on the shelf. They are made specifically for you once you place your order. This can take anywhere from a few days for common items to 90 days for unusual or complicated items or items which have a waiting list. If you require a more accurate indication then this can be provided by email and will be provided once any order is placed in any event.

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