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August Break

Airride will be closed for refurbishment from 1st August 2014 until 1st October 2014. This is our late summer break. If you require an answer we invite all customers to email requirements and we will deal with enquiries upon our return. Likewise technical queries should be titled TECHNICAL in the subject line for preferential replies for those clients installing kits. Installs will not be undertaken during the period of this work, and mail order items will be subject to some delays if items have to be manufactured – please email for more information with details of your requirements for latest info.

Caddy snaps

Caddy snap 01We are snowed under at the moment but will update the pictures on the site shortly. For the moment please find a snap of the VW Caddy Mk1 rear suspension kit. this is a bolt on conversion. As with all items like this it is made to order. More info and prices on the Caddy Page (its under commercial vehicles)

Clean Cut

Cutter snap 01Clean cuts to air lines are essential for a nice seal on the push to fit unions. Burrs on the line destroy the rubber sealing rings inside and uneven cuts result in more pipe in one side than the other and further leaks. Clean 90 degree cuts are required. The best way is a brand new Stanley type blade but if you are installing more than just 2-4 unions as with a motor home rear end then it is usually worth investing in the correct tool. At around £10 these cutters are fabulous value given the effort they save.

Sealing your lines

Sealer snap 01For reliable operation any air install requires a quality sealer for the unions and threads. Many people make the mistake of using PTFE thread seal. This is hard to apply well, and breaks up potentially blocking both lines and more importantly solenoids. For correct and reliable operation warranties often call for a liquid sealer such as the one pictured. Its not cheap but it is very effective.

We do not usually stock full suspension kits on the shelf. They are made specifically for you once you place your order. This can take anywhere from a few days for common items to 90 days for unusual or complicated items or items which have a waiting list. If you require a more accurate indication then this can be provided by email and will be provided once any order is placed in any event.

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