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Terms and Conditions of Business (Vehicles).


  1. This document constitutes terms and conditions which are additional to our Terms and Conditions of Business (Mail Order), and are applied to all vehicles delivered for work. Please read this document carefully as it contains important information regarding your vehicle.
  2. For the purpose of this document the terms “the company”, “us”, “we”, “Airsus” refer to Airsus Limited of The Works, The Triangle, Suffield, Norwich, NR11 7EQ, Registration number  07546255, Telephone number 01263 583059, email
  3. For the purpose of these terms and conditions the terms “you”, “the client”, “the customer”, refers to the other party in the contract, whom will normally be named on an invoice, quote, or estimate, would normally be the vehicle owner or agent thereof, and constitutes the customer.
  4. None of these terms and conditions may be varied in any way without the consent of the company in writing, and signed by a director. Failure to object to any modification made by the client shall not constitute acceptance of such alteration by the company.
  5. The customer is entering into a legally binding agreement with Airsus for the work listed on the invoice, quote, or as discussed.
  6. These works have been requested by the owner or agent of the owner with the full consent and permission of the vehicle owner.
  7. At the outset we will endeavour to make sure you know how much your final bill will be either by an invoice, estimate or quotation either verbally or in writing. This may not be exact but should provide an indication of the likely cost. If you are unsure then please ask. Basic prices are also listed on the website for many items, but these prices are for illustration only and do not form part of any contract.
  8. Work is often added during the course of the build. We will take steps to ensure there is a paper/electronic record of this work, but items discussed by phone will not always be confirmed in writing. These additions are always extra to the main contract and legally defined as “additions” for which additional charges will normally be levied. These will normally form part of your final bill. Any additions are also subject to these terms and conditions.
  9. You should also be aware that some projects are discounted for various reasons and that sometimes a project cancelled or suspended prior to completion will attract the full charge despite the fact that work remains. This is because in the event of cancellation we charge all time and materials.
  10. You have the right to cancel or suspend the project at any time. However you may be asked to bring your account up to date even though charges may not be due at that time. We also reserve the right to charge storage for projects which are suspended or cancelled, or remain unpaid for any reason. We are not in the business of vehicle storage and therefore these charges reflect lost income from lost space and not necessarily a competitive charge for storage.
  11. We will be conducting modifications and upgrades to your vehicle which will take various aspects of the vehicle’s operation and/or performance well beyond those intended by the manufacturer. You must be aware and accept that it is your specific request that these modifications are made to your vehicle, and that you accept any repercussions following from those modifications.
  12. Following the installation of some parts it is often necessary to conduct public highway test drives, and rolling road testing to set-up the vehicle engine management system. It should be pointed out that rolling road testing is very hard on the engines as they are stressed for a longer period of time than is possible on the road, and it is more akin to driving the car on the track. Because of this greater stress and the greater chance of failure neither ourselves nor the rolling road accept responsibility for failures whilst under test. To reduce the risk of any damage please ensure that your engine is in good condition, with regular oil and filter changes, and that your tyres and suspension are also in good condition.
  13. Some parts fitted, and some modifications made to your vehicle may render it illegal for road use, under UK Law. In this case the vehicle is considered as a show and track car, and must not be used on the public highway. You should note that many modifications alter the vehicle from the specifications listed on the type approval certificate, and that any changes render the car illegal for road use, and in these circumstances, the car should not be used on public highways until it has been SVA tested to return it to legality.
  14. All the work that we carry out is guaranteed to be to a high standard of work. You must note that because many of the modifications are defined as experimental or customised that it is a specific term of business that we do not guarantee that all components will work without fault, failure or defect. In the event that any of our products or work fails we will repair that work or those parts provided that the vehicle is returned to our workshops for that work.
  15. For the avoidance of doubt you should note that we will not cover the cost of parts not fitted by us, even if they fail as a result of parts that were fitted by us, and we will not cover the cost of transport, and we will not cover the cost of work conducted by third parties.
  16. We will be happy to provide reasonable help and assistance to any third party working on your vehicle provide that we believe such third parties to be acting in your best interest, and in a safe and reasonable manner.
  17. It is a basic fact with modified vehicles that components fail from time to time. If you cannot accept this basic fact then do not modify your car. Most modifications remove the safety margin that manufacturers build in. By removing this margin reliability is detrimentally affected. The point at which we consider that we have eaten into the safety margin without causing problems is a matter of opinion, based on experience. It is not guaranteed.
  18. Increased maintenance is almost always required on many conversions, and recommended on all.
  19. You must also inform your insurance company of all modifications made to your vehicle, or you run the very real risk of having no insurance, which is illegal on road going vehicles in the UK. All modifications should be declared.
  20. On completion of the work you will be provided with verbal operating instructions which will also be confirmed in writing, in most instances.
  21. Whilst in our custody please ensure that your vehicle is insured. Our insurance company will not cover your vehicle and you should make absolutely sure that they will cover it whilst your conversion/work is being conducted. We do have road cover to enable driving your car on the highway if and when needed for test driving, set-up, delivery or collection to and from yourself or suppliers.
  22. All statements and recommendations in regard to performance, reliability or other quantified or non-quantified properties are made in good faith and from previous experience and are based entirely on that experience and are a matter of opinion. If you cannot accept those opinions then please do not modify your vehicle.
  23. All parts that are not collected when your car is collected or your project complete or your final bill presented (which ever is first) will become the absolute property of Airsus after 7 days. We are not in the habit of storing parts and will dispose of such parts that are not collected as we see fit, and without recompense to the customer. In the event that costs are incurred in disposing of any parts then the cost will be passed on in a separate invoice as soon as practical.
  24. Most projects of under 30 days will require a deposit of either 10% of the anticipated total or 100% of the parts costs (which ever is the higher) at the discretion of the company. This should normally be paid 30 days in advance of your booking or you risk loosing space in our diary.
  25. Projects over 30 days in duration will attract the deposit as above, but will also have scheduled stage payments which will break the total into two or three stages normally. This is at the discretion of the company and will be by negotiation, and you will normally be informed prior to the commencement of work.
  26. In the event that the customer instigates or states that he/she is going to instigate legal action or in the event that the company litigates in relation to any issue then all work will stop with immediate effect, and will not restart until all issues have been resolved. In the event that the customer does not litigate then all costs incurred will be invoiced to the customer and will have to be paid prior to release of the vehicle. Under these circumstances contact by phone and email will be suspended in preference for contact in writing, to avoid confusion, and misunderstandings.
  27. Any vehicle with an outstanding bill after 90 days will be issued with an “interference with goods” notice, and the vehicle may be sold to recover any outstanding amounts, plus all reasonable costs. If a balance still exists after the sale then the company will take whatever action is sees fit in order tom recover the balance.
  28. All vehicles must be paid in full by cleared payment prior to removal from our custody. This means in essence cash on collection. Please note that we do not accept cheques, drafts, postal orders or any other payment as cleared funds. If you wish to pay by cheque then please ensure that payment is received 7 days before you collect the vehicle in order to allow full clearance prior to release. Stage payments can be arranged if it makes things easier.
  29. Time is not the essence of the project. These are very specialised customising operations, and any time indications provided are done so in good faith but no liability is accepted for our failure to meet indications. This applies to all jobs. Please ensure that you have alternative transport for longer than the anticipated project timescale.
  30. We will endeavour to keep you informed regarding progress on your vehicle by whatever means is most appropriate in your case; however under no circumstances should you travel to collect your car until you have been informed that it is totally complete and ready for collection. Please also ensure that you are fully aware of your final bill and have sufficient funds to settle your account when collecting your vehicle. Vehicles with any outstanding amounts on them will not be released.
  31. If you are unhappy with any of the work completed on your car, then please let us know at the address above, and the matter will be investigated. All work is complete subject to these terms and conditions. Warranty issues will be addresses ASAP, but you may be asked to bring the car back for inspection or to provide digital photos of any defects for the purpose of deciding what action is needed. If you have any problem please contact us sooner rather than later as these things tend to get worse without attention.
  32. We prefer that all stereo and other valuable and delicate equipment (neons/leds) is removed from the vehicle prior to delivery to our premises. If such items are left in the vehicle then the customer accepts that whilst we will act with all reasonable care, no claim for damage will be accepted.
  33. It is difficult to ensure that the interiors of vehicles do not get dusty and dirty whilst being worked on. Reasonable care is taken but the customer should be aware that we do not offer an in-house valet service and that you should budget for a valet on return of your vehicle, or else for an additional charge we can arrange for your vehicle to be professionally cleaned prior to collection. This can only be organised if the vehicle is not being returned to the workshop for storage. i.e on the day of collection.
  34. The company may vary the terms of your project if circumstances dictate that such changes are necessary and will endeavour to inform you in writing in good time.
  35. During the Course of work on your vehicle a great number of photos and video will be taken. This will be used mostly for internal purposes by we reserve the right to use these images on our website, in brochures, in adverts and in any form we feel necessary. If you are unhappy with this fact, please bring it to our attention before the vehicle is completed. Many projects are discounted on the basis that images may be used by the company, and you may be asked to make a payment in other cases.
  36. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions then you must not deliver your car for work, or pay a deposit. By delivering your car and/or paying a deposit or by paying in full you are specifically agreeing to the terms and conditions listed above.

We do not usually stock full suspension kits on the shelf. They are made specifically for you once you place your order. This can take anywhere from a few days for common items to 90 days for unusual or complicated items or items which have a waiting list. If you require a more accurate indication then this can be provided by email and will be provided once any order is placed in any event.

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