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Office Closed for Essen Show


Please note that the office will be closed this week for the Essen Show. emails will be responded to as and when we can, and orders may be paid and processed as normal. This effects the office only.



Motorhome Kits

Van-Pic[1]We supply a large range of air assistance kit for motorhomes which includes all the most common vehicles.

  1. We use only the higest quality airbags for our kits which are from Dunlop, Contitech, Firestone and our own Quantum bags. We do not use counterfiet or “copy” bags also known as “eqivalent” bags or “unbranded” bags as these have proven to be unreliable and prone to failure, although we do a roaring trade replacing them for those that have purchased the kits using counterfiet bags (ebay etc). Who would want an unbranded, untested airbag on their vehicle?
  2. Our kits come in several specifications from light duty to heavy duty and we are able to advise. With air suspension one kit does not meet every clients needs but a range of kits from full air to semi air (air assistance), and including light duty to heavy duty does usually enable us to meet any needs clients have.
  3. We use high quality correctly treated metal which will not bend like some of the cheap kits do.
  4. All kits are correctly mounted at the correct point on the vehicle – we have seen some cheap and poorly designed kits cause chassis cracks and breaks by loading the chassis incorrectly. We see similar poor deisngs on ebay and through “unknown” suppliers. It may save a few hundred pounds when you buy it, but several thousand pounds to recover and repair a broken chassis will soon render this saving redundant.X-250-Kit-pic2-500[1]
  5. All our fittings are ultra high quality and will not leak. They are about ten times the cost to us of cheap fittings. Again we do a roaring trade supplying replacement fittings for cheap knock off kits.
  6. Poor designs of kits particularly on leaf spring conversions allow the air suspension conversion to rotate around the axle. Our kits cannot do that because they have stablising fixings.
  7. If you browse around our site you will see that we have a level of experience in this industry that no other company in this country or Europe can equal. NONE.


There is far more to designing an air suspension kit than simply adding an airbag to an axle.

Summer Shut Down

Just like Formula One we at AirRide close for a month in the summer. This is from 7th August until 14th September. What does this mean? – our manufacturing sites are all closed, and so is our installation site. Office emails will be monitored and answered every week day, and stock items ordered via the website – (fittings, compressors, tanks) will all be diaptched as normal within 24 hours but any item requiring manufacture will be added to the list to start in September. Manufactured items include any kit with machiniing and/or welding which means most car and van kits.

If you require specific information on an impending order please feel free to email. Technical advice will be limited. Customers with outstanding kit orders will all receive them early next week. We are a small company and the summer shutdown allows us a break. We wish all customers well and thank them for making this another terrific year.


_88388045_88388039[1]Following the UK EU Referendum the dollar/pound rate has dropped slightly (at the time of writing around 6%). Predicitions are that it will drop a further 6-10%. Customers should know that although we manufacture almost all of our own machined parts including brackets and struts and some bags we do rely upon importing from the US some airbags, compressors, tanks, fittings and almost all ancilliary components for our kits.

This will have an effect on future pricing and it is likely that prices will rise shortly. We are confident that in the long run exiting the EU will be very positive for consumers, and for small companies like ourselves. However the current uncertainty is likely to cause price increases in the short term. We are holding our prices for a short time until the situation becomes clearer however it is unlikely that prices will remain at their current level for very long. So if you are seriously thinking about an air suspension purchasing now might be a good time before prices increase.

Email Priority

Due to a combination of staff shortages, workload and refurbishment of our premises there will be a limited telephone response until mid May. As an internet based company we always prioritise email enquiries and order dispatch. If you do have technical questions then you are welcome to email for a call back. Orders will be processed as normal.

Please also note that the old phone number will no longer work and clients will have to use the 0800 number which is now free to both land line and mobile callers.

We do not usually stock full suspension kits on the shelf. They are made specifically for you once you place your order. This can take anywhere from a few days for common items to 90 days for unusual or complicated items or items which have a waiting list. If you require a more accurate indication then this can be provided by email and will be provided once any order is placed in any event.

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