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Bad experience with Supplier

UPDATE – 2009, well sort of…..

After several years and no joy from AIM (the company listed below), our sales rep from AIM contacted us out of the blue (we know he has seen this page), and offered to settle the matter by raising a credit note for all the fault stuff. “We have had a management buy-out and have sorted out all the quality control issues” he said, “and none of the stuff is faulty anymore” – “We had a lot of problems with the quality, but have re-engineered things so that’s not the case anymore” he continued. Great we thought – a chance to recover some of the tens of thousands of pounds this company lost us, due to the rubbish it sells.

It was something of an irony that he now admitted to quality problems, given the effort they spent trying to persuade us that no-one else had ever had a problem. We know this claim to be untrue  given that this web page has led to dozens of customers, and several ex-staff contacting us about the company, and all with very similar stories.

 It would have been great if anything actually happened – Of Course it did not, although we have never heard of any other customer getting a refund or replacement parts without having to pay again, so at least we got slightly further than most do, even if all they delivered was a load of bullshit and hype that we had not ordered.

The credit note was never sent (of course), so we asked if we could have it in products (we didn’t really want any more of their shit, but at least something is better than nothing) – yes sure you can he said – nothing arrived. First they agreed, then they asked us to pay postage, then they wanted to send a $500 cylinder kit (not suitable for driving on the road), and after a while they just changed their minds altogether – even though we have the offer in emails, in writing, and a recorded telephone conversation.

I have taken some photos of the faulty stuff which we still keep in stock to show people just how great AIM are and will post them here shortly so everyone can see. We are not saying that you should not deal with this company, but only that you would be wise to read about our problems with them first, and search the Internet for other similar stories before you part with money.

The faulty products are only half the problem, but the aspect of this that AIM don’t seem to understand is that their attitude to customer service, and dealing with things when they go wrong is far more of a concern to customers, and more specifically customers.

If we do ever get anything out of the situation then I will post that here to.

this faulty and broken front sturt is dangerous

this faulty poor quality airbagit chassistech damper is broken

this item is dangerous and therefore not uk road legal. thanks

airbagit problem stock and problem staff. Dont try and return stock!!! lol


Also known as “why you might not want to deal with AIM”

Like many car builders interested in air suspension we see American magazines with air suspension kits advertised at very low prices. This happened a few years ago when we had the misfortune to see an advert for a company based in Mesa, Arizona, in the USA. We had already seen and met this company at the SEMA shows in Las Vegas. This company trades under a number of different names including:-
AIM Industries

to name but the few I can remember at the moment. All potential customers should be aware of the difficulties that we have had in dealing with this company over the past year, and it would be my personal advice that they just are not worth the bother. There are plenty of other air suspension companies our there, many from the US, and most with better customer service and better quality parts.

My personal experience is as follows

  • Around 25% of all electrical items are faulty. Given the amount of electrical parts in each kit this is huge.
  • All items are very poorly made.

  • Items are poorly designed – for instance air lines seal on the threads and not on the seat as standard engineering practice dictates.

  • We assume that most items are sourced from China, as they seem to have absolutely no quality control system of any type.

  • THERE IS NO WARRANTY WITH ANY ITEM YOU BUY!!!!!!!!!! Check this out on their own website.

  • If you receive faulty items you will be charged for replacements!

  • You also have to pay to send items back to the US before they will issue a credit note.

  • Hell will freeze over before they issue a refund on anything.

  • Front struts are a real problem and several are almost certainly dangerous – we have seen several break – the results are damage to the car, bodywork, and potentially a serious accident.

  • Lines always leak – they are very poor quality push in fittings, which rarely seal.

  • One compressor which is the cheapest piece of junk you ever did see broke a main shaft in two – only a few weeks after being installed.

  • Do not get me started on the 24 function remotes! This could easily be the best accessory to have been invented for the modern air suspension system – but they don’t work. Well the 12 we had didn’t. 3 in first shipment, then another 3 then another 6 – not a single one worked!

  • Their dedicated kits for specific cars, are nothing of the sort – you get the basic components most of which do not fit for every car.

  • Air bags that are supposed to bolt straight on normally catch on strut towers, and you WILL have to cut and weld these to avoid wearing through the airbags on a monthly basis.

  • Some vehicles which have front air struts actually end up higher – not lower.

  • Most bags have no way of being fitted – leaving you to fabricate your own brackets.

  • Welding is ALWAYS needed.

  • Development is a word not in their dictionary. Copy is however.

  • Development of new kits does not seem to involve any fitting to cars – they simply buy new dampers (shock absorbers) and fit airbags to them! This does not identify how low or high the car will be nor if they clear any components. This is not development in any reasonable persons mind – this is guesswork.

  • Customer service is also a word which does not seem to translate.

  • We know that many of these kits never get fitted – if they did then I am sure the complaints and horror stories on the Internet would be far higher – and there are already many our there. A great many people see the junk they are delivered and give up at that stage – refunds just don’t seem to happen.

  • We ordered 6 separate kits for different vehicles. NONE of these kits was delivered without faults, errors, or failures in service. Not a single one.

  • The owner of the company one Joe Morrow has a very strange attitude to customer service, which seems to involve rudeness and aggression, but no real action.

  • We even have an email from some time back complaining that his own products made in Taiwan were junk. We agree.

  • They refuse to issue invoices for any items!

If you think that our problems (with 6 separate kits – they never got a single kit correct) are isolated then just type into a search engine “problems with ” or any variation based on the companies above and you will see other horror stories. We found 922 on 3 search engines!

The comments above are my own based on a very frustrating 12 months that has brought nothing but misery when dealing with these people. None of the issues raised with this company has been dealt with to any degree of satisfaction.

My personal advise is not to use this company at all. If you do then at least use a credit card (not debit card, and not wire transfer) as that way the credit card may help you get your money back when your faulty junk arrives – check terms with your credit card company first though.

Air suspension is a major safety issue. If anything fails, at best you will end up broken down on the side of the road, at worst you might end upside down in a ditch!

Oh and don’t forget the government here likes 22% of the full price including shipping in VAT & Import Duty, so this has to be added on to each shipment, even the 25% that don’t work.

If you have had similar problems with any of these companies then our legal department would love to hear from you at with your story. We are particularly interested in the 24 function remotes, although we have now heard from 3 other companies with similar experiences of the remotes.

I dislike having to be negative about any company or individual, however faulty air suspension parts can be potentially life threatening, and as such I feel compelled to warn those that may be tempted by these cheap and dangerous kits.

We do not usually stock full suspension kits on the shelf. They are made specifically for you once you place your order. This can take anywhere from a few days for common items to 90 days for unusual or complicated items or items which have a waiting list. If you require a more accurate indication then this can be provided by email and will be provided once any order is placed in any event.

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