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AL-KO Chassis Motorhomes

For our Range of Dunlop Air Suspension kits please visit our new separate website at

Please note that prices on the new site are around 20-25% cheaper overall at the time of launch and photos are more detailed, accurate and up to date. As always if you have questions please do email or call.


AL-KO chassis are often fitted to motorhomes to reduce the height of the floor (it is much more compact than a leaf spring). This is great when static as you have more interior space, and its lower to step into. However the torsion bars are similar to low cost french cars and trailers and on the move some motorhomes do not perform well and can have a rough ride. If you are looking to improve the ride quality then air suspension can possibly help but there are limits which are a result of the AL-KO design. If you are looking to increase clearance for Ferries, and Petrol Stations then our kits will accomplish that but MUST be fitted with On Board Air (OBA). There are several reasons for this which include the fact that the airbag (like most) will be destroyed if you drive the vehicle with no air pressure. Another factor is the fact that the air suspension needs different pressures under different conditions which vary as you drive. As such cockpit control is a requirement of these kits. This is the same for most air suspension kits, however it has become the fashion because it saves cost and complexity to install schrader valved kits on motorhomes. They work very well fitted that way. AL-KO air suspension conversions are usually in the order of 3 times the cost of a leaf or coil spring vehicle because of the need for OBA and professional fitment (plus the kits are more involved and more expensive).

For further information on the options and requirements for AL-KO chassis vehicles please email or call 08007720315. These kits are quite a lot more involved to install and set up and therefore we advise professional fitment. Most of our other motorhome and van kits are an easy DIY at home fitment but those for AL-KO are not recommended for such.


We do not usually stock full suspension kits on the shelf. They are made specifically for you once you place your order. This can take anywhere from a few days for common items to 90 days for unusual or complicated items or items which have a waiting list. If you require a more accurate indication then this can be provided by email and will be provided once any order is placed in any event.

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