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Mercedes Sprinter/Crafter Front

Most Vans and motorhomes do not need load support at the front end. Sometimes there are exceptions to this (particularly in the case of A class motorhomes) and other specialist vehicles. We do therefore offer a front end load support kit. This is fitted in addition to the existing suspension is the same vein as the rear end load support kits. It is considerably more difficult to install and requires some cutting and welding. Brief photos below give a rough indication. This is not classified as a home fit bolt on conversion as with most of our rear end conversions.


This is an example picture showing very similar brackets to those supplied. they are supplied in bare metal (not powder coated) as they must be welded into place. Some minor trimming of edges will be required to get the angles correct. The bags should be flat top and bottom at ride height. The kit includes single convoluted bags.


The brake lines must be carefully freed from the securing tabs so that the top section of the bumpstop can be cut away. A grinder or plasma cutter will make short work of this although safety precautions must be taken – do not remove the lower bracket which is under huge pressure from the transverse leaf spring.



After removal of the bumpstop the new brackets must be welded into place. Trial fit them and check for clearance of the wheel on full lock – this can be quite an issue on some vehicles.




Although this development kit is pictured with a double convoluted bag this is not the correct bag for the job as it is an off axis installation and after fitment it was changed to a single convoluted bag (the correct type for this installation). This bag was used for fitment purposes only (as its a bag we weld near and use for fitment only). Unfortunately due to time we then forgot to take the pictures of the correct bag!!


Mercedes Sprinter/VW Crafter Front end Weld on Conversion.

Front end conversion including 4 heavy duty steel brackets, 2 bags, lines and Schrader valves if required.

Price: £595.00

We do not usually stock full suspension kits on the shelf. They are made specifically for you once you place your order. This can take anywhere from a few days for common items to 90 days for unusual or complicated items or items which have a waiting list. If you require a more accurate indication then this can be provided by email and will be provided once any order is placed in any event.

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